Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Review: DrumPort

Well, I have had this now for a few months so I think now is time for a full blown review. Most people by now realize I am quite an old fashioned drummer. I don't like a kit more than 5 drums, I like vintage gear and I like rounded bearing edges. I also don't like any drum longer than 14". So stuck in my old ways I was very skeptical when I first saw the drumport at the london drum show, but being inquisitive I had to go take a look. It was then that I first heard it and immediately I was hooked. Beyond its very modern look it gave something very vintage. The best way to describe it is a really tight ambassador choked and with a felt strip and a reso the same. The dull thud on vintage bass drums. Except it gives a bonus, it keeps the tone. This way you get the vintage thud and keep a lovely rich deep tone making it sound like a few inches bigger. For instance my 20x14 is genuinely comparable to a 24x14. Just tapping the funnel gives a nice deep tone, but a good old bury the beater produces a much sought after deep thud.
So is it like resonantless bass drum or a ported bass drum? Well.... neither. Its utterly unique. Its something you really have to try. Whether you want the old school vintage sound without having to use loads of dampening, or to just boost the sound of your bass drum, go for it.

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