Thursday, 8 August 2013


Hey guys and gals, thanks for lovely comments about what to add, sorry I neglected it for a month, had things to sort out. So whats new? Well Im back in a band! Yes, that's right, I am still doing the session work with the amazing Stuart on the side but I have now also joined a full fledged band, rather nice eh? Got myself a new snare, custom made and designed for my specs using 4 ply beech with re rings. Utterly amazing. One last thing before I go and start working on new posts for tomorrow:

Check out these guys, They are british, which lets face it is awesome! And they seem to be putting out some really rather nice gear. Have only heard a few samples but from those they seem to already be damn good. They don't seem to be falling prey to the "gimmicks" a lot of companies seem to do which is also fresh. From what I can see the quality really is there, and one day I may hold one to be able to test the quality of them in a live situation and check bearing edges and give the usual thorough blog review. But for now, check the drum port out, especially the vintage ludwig barber style acrylic snare!

So yeah, peace out readers!

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