Friday, 18 April 2014

A hidden gem

Well, I was sitting around the other day and a friend came up to me and said "hey, theres a drum store in chelmsford now!". The first thing that came to my mind was "Omg, a drum shop in the city I was born in?! Only 30 minutes away? Oh yeah!" so naturally, I found out where it was and went for a visit. Firstly I did contact them and talk to them and BAM right away they were amazing with customer service. So when I walked in there, a lovely man by the name of James Lewis was there to greet me. Straight away a lovely man, shake of the hand and then ended up just talking and introducing ourselves for a good half hour. The shop was small but in a good way, there was lots to see, and greeted at the front door by a ludwig and pearl reference?! I mean spoilt for choice or what?! And to top it off just look to your right and yes, they have a snare wall!!! I also ended up walking out with a new mapex mpx 14x7, honestly these things are amazing and will do a review shortly. But for now, I must say if you are never nearby, go visit them.. Here is the site:

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