Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Drummers tips 1: Endorsements

Hey, this is part 1 on my Drummers Tips section. Now I am going to delve into something VERY risky. The realm of endorsements. Now, more than ever, the idea of an endorsement is becoming a marketing gimmick by many companies, so how do you know if your being taken advantage of or if you are getting a real deal?

1) Who contacted who?
This one is fairly basic. If you contacted them and then they offer, its more than likely being used as a form of marketing gimmick to secure you as a customer. However if they contact you first then its going to be a genuine endorsement. It also helps if you know the company for a long time. For example if you have been in regular contact with said company this can also help.

2) What do you/they get out of it?
Well this is the main reason for an endorsement. You should get discount and publicity, these are the 2 main reasons for an endorsement. Not only that but they would also want publicity on your behalf such as being a figurehead, writing reviews and generally promoting the product, Afterall it's give and take. Many companies have adopted the recent tactic of ramping RRP prices up and then selling the product to you at the normal store price under the false pretense it is an "endorsement". This in reality is not a true endorsement, but a gimmick.

I have been on the receiving end of both of these, so here is my personal experience.

Experience 1:
Drum company will go unnamed.
I spoke to drum company about getting a custom drum kit made. Immediately they came back to me stating the RRP price but because I came to them they would have me as an endorsee. Now immediately alarm bells rang, I was not well known nor was I a good drummer. Eventually however I pulled out, the price was too much.

Experience 2:
Drum Port.
Known the company since its inception. The guy was great and we talked for a long time. Then eventually after a year and I had built up a profile for myself I finally entered talks and long story short I got a massive discount and personal meeting with Kirk the owner. I thoroughly reccomend the product (though in this blog i wont be biased) and have enjoyed regular contact with him.

These are how they shouldn't (1) and should (2) go. Hope this helps and everyone PLEASE be careful for these market scams. And remember, if you do get offered an endorsement then be absaloutely POSITIVE it is with a company you are prepared to spend the rest of your career with.

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