Friday, 4 January 2013

Gear Sluts 1: Best starter kits

So, you are ready to take your first step into drumming? Don't fall into the trap of going with your favorite drummers brand, your paying a premium price for a drum where quality wont matter. So without further ado, here is my personal list of the three best kits for beginners.

In third place, Pearl Rhythm Traveler (£329). This small and nice little kit is small and perfect for practice and can be tucked away for storage. It also comes free with mesh heads which are silent so you can practice without making your neighbors upset! If you want to upgrade, you can just add some triggers with the mesh heads and have an electronic kit!

In second place, CB. Famous for being perhaps the MOST common starter set out there, and for a good reason. In all fairness given some good heads it doesn't sound too bad. With mahogany (luan) shells and bloss black wrap accompanied by a full set of hardware it's hard to go wrong with this set up. Only beaten due to a lack of cymbals or silencers. £229

In first place, Canon Adder. At such a cheap price (£229 is cheap for a kit) you wouldn't expect much from a kit, but this package certainly punches above its weight. A metal snare and standard 5 piece kit is pretty good, but add to that premium features such as off set lugs and black hardware on a beginners kit?! This is unknown anywhere else! Also to add to it is a full set of hardware and cymbals, drum bags AND rubber silencers, this kit really is the best package around

Thanks for reading, an good luck purchasing your first kit! Oli.

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