Friday, 4 January 2013

Gear Sluts 6: Best Snares

So you have an amazing kit, now its time to bring the voice of your kit up to speed, it's time for the perfect snare. So here we go, again the best of the best.

3rd Place, George Way "The Advance" Snare drum. A vintage style snare of steam bent maple and re-enforcement hoops. Based off the perfect shell construction, it gives a warm open sound that mimics the vintage sound everybody wants.

2nd Place, Ludwig LM400 series. The industry standard of professional snare drums. Not exactly thrilling, but all around greatness. Its the sound you heard on the radio from the 70s until now, the most recorded drum in history for a reason.

1st Place, Ludwig Black Beauty (or any spun brass snare for that matter). Spun brass shells give off a tone like a bell, beautiful overtones and perfect articulation. The all round perfect snare sound that just cant be beat. Pricey, but worth it.

Good luck on buying your new snare drum. Oli.

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