Friday, 4 January 2013

Studio 3: Cheap Recording

So you are branching out to the web, or just want to show off your skills and put them on facebook or youtube. So what is the easiest ways? Well this short little section will tell you 3 cheap and easy ways to do it.
1) Phone. Seriously no joke, the band Dead Rat Orchestra did a whole album recorded on a phone inside a boat. So yeah, a cheap and easy way to do it is this. Burying the phone under some clothes can help reduce the reverb of the drums as well. Try sticking the phone in different areas of your house when recording for best effects of this.
2) Triggers. Many purists hate this method but for many more musicians it is the easy alternative. Buy some cheap triggers for your drum kit and then add a cheap drum  module and run it through your computer and bazinga, a direct recording with pre-set sounds so you can more closely emulate the sound of the drums you want for each particular track.
3) Home recording software and microphone. Some companies such as Prodipe make cheap studio software with USB interface to add a microphone. Treat it as an overhead then blast away. I have seen some very good results using Prodipe Sutdio 12 with a standard SM58. Again quite a cheap option and the best quality you can get on a budget.

Again thank you for reading, any questions then please ask away and I will do my best to answer. Keep drumming, Oli.

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