Friday, 4 January 2013

Gear Sluts 5: Best Pedals

Here is a little hardware feature. Drum pedals, something we all find important and yet some of us just forget as we watch our beautiful drumkit grow. So here is the lowdown on the best pedals on the market today.

Third place is the Tama Speed Cobra. A development on the Iron Cobra and boy is it an improvement. Smooth action and fast speed. Not much in the way of power but allows plenty of freedom for playing. Large footboard allows for excellent heel toe method.

Second Place is the Ludwig Speed King. The fastest pedal on the planet, used by Bonham and Nicko McBrain. Small footboard and lack of adjust-ability limits this pedal but with the unbelievable speed this pedal allows it doesn't matter at that point. Takes some practice to use but by gods it's worth it.

First place is the Pearl Eliminator Demon Drive. Infinite changeability. Single bass or double bass, chain or direct drive, longboard or shortboard, cam position or beater position. EVERYTHING is changeable to make the perfect pedal for you.

Enjoy buying yourself your new pedal, Oli.

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