Friday, 4 January 2013

Gear Sluts 2: Best Intermediate Kits

So you have had your entry level kit for some time, and maybe by now are in a band with friends or at school, and now you want to have some actual sound, something you aren't embarrassed to use live. So without any more typing, here are the lowdown on my top 3 intermediate level kits:

In third place: Gretsch Catalina (£429+). Amazing drums for the price, punch WAY above the price point, and the jazz series have even been known to be used by professionals. Comes in many different configurations including a large double bass set up for those metal heads among you.

In second place: Mapex Meridian Maple (£449+). Another great series of drums. Plenty of different configurations and its maple! Can't go wrong with that at this price point. Also come with hardware, solid mounting options and even virgin tom mounting. Fantastic kit for the price.

In first place: Ludwig element. (£699). Professional quality at bargain prices. Virgin tom mounts. Low mass lugs. Marbled Birch. Lacquered finish. Powder coated hardware. 10 lug bass drum. Ludwig snare. Need I say more? If I were I would have to say that this is by far and large the best intermediate kit on the market at the moment. Perfection in its price bracket.

Thank you for reading, hope you enjoy your next kit! Oli.

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